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Seedling Kitchen Splash back

Seedling Kitchen Splash back

working on design for kitchen glass splash back – seedling design.

What do you think?


See link to Interior Lifestyle futures blog – Lord Heseltine opening new building BCU

BCU Parkside Building Opening

Lord Heseltine opened the new super BCU Parkside building. As an alumni, tutor and participant of the Interior Life Style program, supporting start up businesses, my wild wine mug and coaster were exhibited.

So what makes a good mug?
Size.. Not too big or small.
Material.. Good china, not thick stoneware
Shape.. A thin rim so the drink hits all those taste buds at once
Colour.. A refined white base
Design.. Something a bit fun and lighthearted, but not silly. Not too heavy or dominant. Not branded. Splashes of natural colours. Design based on nature shapes.

Your mugs meet all this!

We have an eclectic selection of mugs from Libertys to the V&A to the Fitzwilliam to Orla Kiely. Welcome to our collection!
Btw I’m off work today with a cold so an ideal time to muse on the matter of mugs.


I was delighted to receive this feedback today from a returning customer, who purchased some Sara Page design mugs from the Birmingham Made Me ‘pop up’ shop in the Mail Box, Birmingham. ¬†Who has now purchased 3 more mugs from my online shop at

So what makes a…

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Orange wine mugs and place mats to add ‘a bit of zest and colour’ to your kitchen!

Shelf Importance – ‘Balsamic’, Painterly style brushstrokes

Shelf Importance - 'Balsamic', Painterly style brushstrokes

another of Sara’s new place mat and coaster designs.
See Elledeco article ‘Painterly Prints’….’featuring calligraphy-style brush strokes’ ‘watercolour splashes..’

Seems that Sara’s mark, painterly brushstrokes, personal style started on my MA study is now finally of the moment! Let’s hope so…………!

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Shelf Importance ‘Tabasco’

Shelf Importance 'Tabasco'

Latest place mat and coaster design Shelf Importance – ‘my kitchen shelf, painted with textile dyes and bleach, note the tabasco bottle.